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End Times

It is an incredibly important time in our earth’s history. God is moving, and so is Satan. It is vital we equip ourselves with the knowledge written in biblical prophecy regarding End Times. Let us not be the virgin caught with no oil for their lamps…


You are beloved. Join Carolyn Thomas, Lena Hobson and the girls from Life House for a conversation about life, love, family, and all the sticky situations in between!

Spiritual Warfare

David Thomas, Senior Minister, of Life House Church, shares his teaching on a subject not often talked about in the Church – spiritual warfare. In this podcast, David discusses many principles and tactics the every day Christian can employ in order to defeat the enemy of God.

Weekly Sermon Podcast

This podcast contains an archive of sermons from Life House Church. Cover topics every Christian should know, including discipleship and deception in the church.

David Thomas Book - Finding A Discipleship Environment

Finding a Discipleship Environment

This book is not an in-depth study on discipleship; instead, it looks at finding an environment in which such a Christian is birthed, trained, discipled, and released. It is a guide in helping you find and identify an environment in which you can grow into Biblical discipleship, as well as a benchmark for an average disciple.